• Plocs 2.11 released
    We’ve released Plocs 2.11. You can now drag and drops tasks vertically to reorder the tasks within one day. In Plocs 2.12 we are planning to add drag and drop…Mehr
  • Plocs 2.10.1 released
    We’ve released Plocs 2.10.1 on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS. 2.10.1 has the following new features and bugfixes: Please let us know if you notice any issues or have feedback…Mehr
  • Plocs 2.6 released
    We have released Plocs 2.6 with the following new features:Mehr
  • Plocs 2.5 released
    Plocs 2.5 has finally been released. It contains the following improvements: We are also currently finishing version 2.6 with: In January 2023 we are going release: Let us know what…Mehr
  • What we are building for Plocs version 2.5
    For the next version we are focusing on improving the onboarding process for new users and improving some aspects of general usability. Onboarding improvements: Usability improvements: What other changes would…Mehr
  • How we got into the best startup accelerator in Vorarlberg
    Vorarlberg? Never heard of it? Neither had I before I moved here. Vorarlberg is a state in Austria with a population of 400.000. It is located between Lake Constance and…Mehr
  • Plocs on the front page of Hacker News
    This week, Plocs was on the front page of Hacker News! Hacker News is the #1 news site for software developers and IT people. I posted a „Show HN“ thread…Mehr

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